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Facebook To Launch News Pay Wall Feature For Publishers


Facebook may soon add a pay wall for news content from premium publishers. The company’s news partnerships head Campbell Brown told publishers at an industry event in New York this week that the company is getting ready to test news subscriptions as early as this fall.

Brown’s remarks were first reported by The Street Wednesday, which relayed Brown saying that tests will begin in October.

Details of those tests are still unclear, but Facebook is apparently looking into adopting a metered pay wall model similar to that currently in place at the New York Times. The paper offers users access to up to 10 articles a month for free, after which they have to subscribe to read more.

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Facebook’s publisher pay wall is likely being based on the company’s Instant Articles feature. Facebook launched Instant Articles in cooperation with some select publishers two years ago, giving them a way to publish their stories directly to Facebook’s platform.

The initial pitch was that this would make it easier for Facebook users to consume faster-loading news stories, and thus get publishers access to much bigger audiences.

However, publishers have long criticized that they haven’t been able to monetize Instant Articles to the same degree as content hosted on their own sites.

The New York Times stopped using Instant Articles altogether, as have Forbes and Hearst, according to Digiday. Others have scaled back the number of stories they publish to the platform.

Instant Articles directly competes with Google’s AMP project, which also promises publishers faster mobile load times. AMP has been supporting subscriptions since early 2016, but some publishers have also complained about lagging ad revenue.

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Female Scientist Develops e-Learning Software To Enhance Health Service Delivery

Miss Farida Kabir,  a Scientist, says she has developed an e-learning software for health workers that can help them build their capacity in health service delivery using their mobile phones.

The Microbiologist disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

She said that the software called O’tract was invented between 2014 and 2015 during the Ebola outbreak in the country.

She said that the software was invented when it became obvious that there were constraints in readily accessing available health information.

“Over the years, people have gotten inappropriate medical advice from some practitioners, especially at the local council level and of course the consequence was disastrous to their health.

“So, with that in mind, it became evident that continuous professional development is essential for health workers and unfortunately not all our health workers can afford travelling abroad for capacity development.

“Also, available seminars and conferences are expensive and not flexible, so to address this problem, I designed O’track to enable health workers to easily choose courses online,’’ Kabir said.

Kabir, who is also an entrepreneur, said that the platform could also enable health workers learn at their own pace on their mobile devices irrespective of their location.

She added that by so doing, they would learn a lot, which would help them in their professions.

Kabir said that the software had a provision for health advocacy tool, which could also help people not in the health sector to be involved in health advocacy.

“If for example, you are not a medical doctor, you have nothing to do with the health sector, and then there is an outbreak of Lassa fever, you can learn what to do and inform others.

“Or you notice an infestation of rat in your house, with the health advocacy tool you can easily log on to and get information on what you need to do.

“There are short and animated clips, audio files and other documents, we also have an e-library database whereby public health researchers can have access to scientific journals, books articles and many others,’’ she said.

Kabir said that the goal of designing the software was to enhance capacity development of health workers toward excellent health delivery services in the country.

She said that the health advocacy tool in the software would educate those outside the health sector about different kinds of diseases and ailments toward building a healthier nation.

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You Can Learn Anything With YouTube: Google Unveils Tips For Makeup

Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa , Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, said Youtube had unveiled tips on how to look good and trendy with makeup.

Kola-Ogunlade, in a statement in Lagos, said that Youtube was sharing video content for one to have a perfect face, even after fumbling with the brushes.

According to him, as the makeup business is now on top, either personally or in business, Youtube was sharing free makeup lessons at a click.

“Some of us are just plain terrible when it comes to applying our own makeup.

“It is not always like one is trying to get a career in makeup artistry, but it would be quite great to have a perfect brow, even after fumbling with the brushes.

“In the internet, you will find out there is so much resources on how to apply makeup. And even if I decided on getting a career in makeup, it is possible to do it right from a computer.

“The internet has several articles and websites that will get one very confident. With several how-to videos, makeup tutorials and favourite picks of beauty products and cosmetics offering the right makeup tips.

“You can find out how to have fun handling makeup tools, and also turn out good results at the same time,’’ he said.


The google manager urged makeup lovers that are interested in keeping up with being trendy and looking good, to visit the regular Youtube sites to get tons of help.

He said that one could find several content creators sharing top skills on how to get the perfect finish for the face on the Youtube site.

Kola-Ogunlade listed 5-popular Youtube videos one could visit as; work friendly-back to school natural makeup with this link

Also listed are: simple everyday makeup tutorials for beginners/Omabelletv on this link

Among them are the Nigerian bride! traditional engagement makeup & gele! with link

Included on the list also, the quick 15-minute natural-look makeup tutorial with link

Finally to the list, then apply makeup like a pro with link,


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Creativity An Inspiration That Makes The Difference In The Society


When I sit at work and think about what you can achieve online, I see people doing everything online. ICT has really enhanced our day to day activities, from communication to business, Art to lifestyle and in so many other ways.

Online Activities (Photo: Internet)

Online Activities (Photo: Internet)

I believe creativity is one thing that can stand you out of a million in what you do. As an IT practitioner, creativity in anything I do remains a focal point.

There are a lot of computer novice out there despite the mobile phones, tablets and palmtops in use by many. Things like editing files in PDF format or resizing images and uploading them is big deal.

That is why I found a niche in Practical Computer Literacy and use of Internet Training. I had always wanted to impact my immediate community in a positive way and training people (specifically youths) in this aspect of ICT has always been a fulfillment and source of inspiration to my career.

creative idea
Network of Creative Ideas (Photo: Internet)

I joined various groups to fulfill my desire to contribute to the society. One of these groups is the Global Network of Creative Youths in Nigeria (GLOBNETCYN). It is all about a collection of creative youths in different fields and professional backgrounds  coming together to promote societal values for National Development.

Also, as a founding member of the Infotech Educational Development Initiative (IEDDV) this has given me an opportunity to promotes ICT through training, video tutorials and practical test. It is a non-governmental organization poised at given back to the society.

In a couple of years, I see myself creating job opportunities and employing a handful of youths in Nigeria and Africa at large.