Why We Need “Lend a Hand” To Feed Families In Zeze Village

Tanzania is a country sited in eastern part of Africa with a population of over 51 million. It is composed of diverse and several ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups.

Climate change has affected several parts of the country and Zeze village is no exception. Agriculture, which is one of the major economic backbone of several African communities has received major blows in the area of water shortage, change in pest and diseases, change in average temperature, change in in atmospheric carbon dioxide and ground-level ozone concentrations etc.

All these factors added together have really affected the economic and social lives of people in Zeze village.

The fact that everyone has the right to life’s basics, like a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, clean water to drink and the education needed to build a brighter future. What we take for granted can only be dreamed of by communities in extreme poverty such as Zeze.

The Mboni Ya Vijana (Eyes of the Youth) is a group that working round the clock to better the lives of the villagers.

Mboni ya Vijana Group (MVG) was registered on 22nd September 2014 a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Entrepreneurship, Environmental Management and Peer Education.

General objective of the organization is to lead youth and the community in Zeze village to sustainable development through resources available in the area.

“We trust that, “promoting sustainable agriculture, is the only way that will move many people from absolute poverty to better living”.

“We put our efforts on Sustainable farming to cause income growth, food security to individuals and the community as well as conservation of the nature.” The group said on its facebook page.

You can be part of this initiative to help Zeze village get back on its feet. You can donate to see that the group achieves its objectives. Click on donate to lend a hand no matter how far you are. Donate!





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