Creativity An Inspiration That Makes The Difference In The Society


When I sit at work and think about what you can achieve online, I see people doing everything online. ICT has really enhanced our day to day activities, from communication to business, Art to lifestyle and in so many other ways.

Online Activities (Photo: Internet)

Online Activities (Photo: Internet)

I believe creativity is one thing that can stand you out of a million in what you do. As an IT practitioner, creativity in anything I do remains a focal point.

There are a lot of computer novice out there despite the mobile phones, tablets and palmtops in use by many. Things like editing files in PDF format or resizing images and uploading them is big deal.

That is why I found a niche in Practical Computer Literacy and use of Internet Training. I had always wanted to impact my immediate community in a positive way and training people (specifically youths) in this aspect of ICT has always been a fulfillment and source of inspiration to my career.

creative idea
Network of Creative Ideas (Photo: Internet)

I joined various groups to fulfill my desire to contribute to the society. One of these groups is the Global Network of Creative Youths in Nigeria (GLOBNETCYN). It is all about a collection of creative youths in different fields and professional backgrounds  coming together to promote societal values for National Development.

Also, as a founding member of the Infotech Educational Development Initiative (IEDDV) this has given me an opportunity to promotes ICT through training, video tutorials and practical test. It is a non-governmental organization poised at given back to the society.

In a couple of years, I see myself creating job opportunities and employing a handful of youths in Nigeria and Africa at large.





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